‘Ukraine is one of the world's largest grain exporters.’

It was at a seminar in Moscow 21 years ago, that the idea arose to establish a GWI ministry in Ukraine. As a result, the first Ukrainian training seminar was held in 2000. Our country was officially registered in 2002.


Our primary goal is for every child and teen in Ukraine to have the chance to come to one of our Christian camp’s or club’s. In this way, they will be given the opportunity to choose the path of following Jesus Christ. Second, we strive to disciple every child who comes to church, through a mentor who will nurture their spiritual growth.

To achieve this, we organize approximately 50 camps each year along with clubs, and a theatre ministry. We hold small group Bible studies in homes, one-on-one mentoring, along with training and workshops for our staff and volunteers.

Many of our children come from poor or broken homes and live in the virtual world of their smart phones. Due to this, they have no healthy long-term relationships. We are reaching out to them through our social media and online programs, to help them find real life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


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