‘Over 80% of the population is Romanian Orthodox.’

In 1999, our organization began with a focus on kid’s clubs. Once a year, we held a training conference and a summer camp. In 2006, we became an official member of the GWI family. Since then, our work has grown exponentially through our websites, and our ability to hold a greater number of camps and training seminars for our volunteers and staff. Over the past 10 years, we have hired three staff members.


Our passion is to bring the Good News to every child in Romania, in partnership with the local churches and a network of motivated and well-equipped leaders and volunteers.

Right now, we organize many kid’s clubs and summer camps that are attended by a high percentage of ‘unchurched’ children. We also hold a two day national conference that offers over 25 creative leadership training workshops and parenting seminars. Our children’s ministry volunteers and staff come from every corner of Romania and go home inspired and well equipped to carry on in their work with children.


In 2008, we printed our first publication. We now distribute over 300 titles and ministry materials.


For more information, see the local social media and websites: