‘In Uganda, more than 1/3 of the population lives below the poverty line.’



Due to the high presence of troubled and dysfunctional families, many children do not receive the love and nurturing they need to become responsible adult ambassadors of hope. Others have lost their parents, but their relatives are unwilling or incapable of raising them. Some parents are alive, but their children are registered as orphans. Some parents abandoned their God-given responsibility to raise their children and resorted to alcohol and drugs. Every child has a unique story and for this reason, Grain of Wheat Uganda is carrying the message of God’s love to the children and families. 


Discipleship and mentorship 

Society presents to children a cultural template of who they’re. With all the poverty and suffering, it’s easy to lose sight of their unique gifts and their purpose. We point them to hope through Christ and disciple them to discover their calling and walk in it. 

Skills and talent development 

We help them discover their individual uniqueness, interests, abilities and talents and help them develop them bearing in mind the latest trends in the job market. 

Children’s camps and clubs 

Besides the games and fun, we create activities and lifechanging lessons that nurture their Christian character. Sharing the word with them leaves a lasting impression and many children have heard about Jesus for the first time and decided to follow Him at the camps. 

Family outreach and counselling 

We are aware that if we leave out the families, the work we do at the children’s camps cannot be nurtured at home. We help parents to become the disciple-makers of their children. We are also educating families to function in their God-ordained order so that there is a home for every child who would have ended up in an orphanage. Able families are encouraged to take in a needy child instead of sending them to an orphanage, because only a family environment with a mother and father can raise a child in a healthy way. 

Humanitarian Aid and Education sponsorship 

In times of crisis, we reach out to support families with food and other supplies. We also help children from poor families find a sponsor so that they will not drop out of school. 

Awaka Children’s Home 

In 2020, Grain of Wheat launched in Uganda. In addition to reach children and youth with the Gospel through children’s camps, children’s/youth clubs and activities, Grain of Wheat Uganda has also taken on the responsibility of 46 homeless/orphaned children. Grain of Wheat International’s primary goal is to improve the living conditions of these children. In addition, the goal is to allow children to grow up in a family situation. To achieve this vision, a working group has been established, called “Awaka Uganda”. This working group from the Netherlands has set as its first goal to find a supporter for each child. In this way we want to ensure that the children receive proper shelter, nutritious food, education and medical care. A unique aspect of supporting a child in Awaka is that, as a supporter, you have personal contact with the child you are supporting. This way you are not only financially involved, but also personally. Grain of Wheat International supports Awaka by working together with the working group in the Netherlands and by supporting them with the organizational matters. If you would like more information about Awaka, supporting a child, or have other questions, please email awakahope@gmail.com or visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/Awakaoeganda. 

Where we work 

Collaborating with 32 churches in 2023 alone, we have reached 12,433 children in the above districts: 

  1. Kamuli – 3,763 
  1. Mukono – 1,312 
  1. Kampala – 2,008 
  1. Mbarara – 1,821 
  1. Rukungiri – 1,617 
  1. Kasese – 1,902 
Supporting a child, or have other questions