‘We have been reaching children in Lebanon for 35 years!’

Due the civil war in Lebanon during the 70’s and 80’s, many children lived in extremely poor conditions. In 1985, Grain of Wheat Lebanon, began their first summer camps by bringing these worn-torn children to La Bessonne, Switzerland.

After a few years, we were able to begin organizing camps and clubs in Lebanon.

In 1994, the Just for Kids drama team was launched. This has now extended beyond the borders of Lebanon into the Levant and Gulf nations.

In 2014, GWL formed a partnership with Social Guidance for the purpose of having a greater impact locally.


GWL wants every child to become an agent of hope through Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through innovative programs that are specifically designed to engage children with God’s Word.

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly challenging to carry on our ministry due to the revolution, the refugee crisis, and Covid-19. However, this has also created unique opportunities such as computerized Sunday School classes and online leadership training. These are beautiful examples of the creative and innovative ways in which GWL is reaching the children of our nation.