‘Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.’

Leadership from the Swiss GWI headquarters partnered with our local pastor’s to establish Grain de Blé Madagascar as a non-profit organization. Since its inception in 2004, thousands of children have benefited from our various activities, particularly through clubs and camps.


Grain de Blé Madagascar has a strong desire for this country to be a place where God’s Kingdom values are reflected in the lives of children and their families. We seek to help children and young people learn how to deal with real life issues in a healthy way that will have a life-changing impact on those around them. We want to give them hope, that with the Lord, they can rise above poverty, spiritually, mentally, and financially.


Taking into consideration, the social context and childhood development needs of these children, good nutrition, clothing, and affection are extremely important. Access to clean water, education, and healthcare are their most important socio-economic needs. We are grateful for the churches, individual donors and various organizations that help us provide children and their families with these basic life necessities. To care for children and their families spiritually and emotionally, we organize camps, clubs, and festivals.

Music program in Madagascar

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