‘Over 32% of the population in Argentina is classified as poor. ’

One of the first countries Grain of Wheat established a new ministry was in Argentina. It all began in 1972, when the ‘El Sembrador’ park outside Buenos Aires was purchased by GWI. Thousands of people now come to this park for camps and leadership training each year.

A new mission was instituted in 2012, to reach all the children in Argentina through the local church .


The Park’s mission is to provide an atmosphere conducive to an encounter with God, communion with others, evangelism, and training.

The focus of this centre is to empower, train, and mobilize the Argentinian churches in their outreach to children, youth, and families.

Grain of Wheat provides training in evangelism, discipleship, and missional life for the local leadership. Local churches are then encouraged to mobilize and reach out to those who need it most, as well as organize and facilitate camps and volunteer training.


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