Bringing hope to children through God’s eyes
Bringing hope to children through God’s eyes
“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus’’ Philippians 2:5
“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus’’ Philippians 2:5

Grain of Wheat International Foundation (GWI), has been a Christian non-profit organization since 1948. Its mission is to help children become agents of hope in their community and to accompany them on their journey of faith.

“I really love Christian camps, because they love us there and they feed us deliciously.“ Nikyta, 12 years-old, Belarus

How we work

Grain of Wheat’s international headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there, we work with many ministries all over the world. Grain of Wheat does not send out missionaries, instead, we work within each country we serve through churches and volunteers on the local level. We also partner with various Christian organizations.

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Who we are

Grain of Wheat is an international Christian organization. Its mission is to reach the maximum number of children with the message of God’s love, and help them grow morally, socially, and spiritually through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is carried out in partnership with churches.

How we help

We help children, their families, and community through organizing camps, running clubs, training leaders, and providing humanitarian aid. Additionally, we assist ministries in various countries with financial support, staff training, and tools to help them reach more children.

“I do not have a family, but I`ve prayed to the Lord and want to have one when I’m older” Laura, 9 years-old, Argentina

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Bringing hope to children through God’s eyes
Do you dream of seeing children become messengers of Christ’s hope across the world? You can make it happen through your prayers and by your donations