‘Moldova is still one of the poorest countries in Europe.’

In 2008, our director, Evgheni Pochidco, visited a GWI training seminar in Moscow. The following year, we held our first camp for children in partnership with GWI. We continued to attend the Moscow GWI training seminars for several years, however, we increasingly felt the need to train our youth workers locally. So, in 2011, we held our first training seminar in Moldova and registered as an official NGO. As an NGO we have had more opportunities to serve children and partner with local churches.


Over these many years, GWI Moldova, has reached more than 15,000 children with the Gospel through our camp ministry. More than 600 volunteers from various churches have attended our leadership training conferences. And more than 10,000 children have taken part in the Kids Games athletic competitions.


Because Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, parents are often forced to work outside the country. As a result, 25% of the children grow up without parents, which has been referred to as ‘social orphanhood’. This has caused significant problems for families and compels us to bring them the Good News of Jesus and help them see the beauty of walking with Him. Through Kid’s Games, camps, and school athletic competitions, our aim is to nurture children’s spiritual, creative, and physical development.

We also provide children’s ministry training to over 80 volunteers from 20 churches and support local churches in their endeavour to begin an evangelistic ministry.


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