Our organization:

Grain of Wheat’s international headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there, we work with many ministries all over the world. Grain of Wheat does not send out missionaries, instead, we work within each country we serve through churches and volunteers on the local level. We also partner with various Christian organizations.

We are Christian:

  • Our ministry is based on the Biblical revelation of one God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the divine inspiration and sovereign authority of the Holy Word of God.
  • We aim to bring all children into a personal relationship with God, and follow-up with them to disciple and nurture their faith.
  • We believe that every child is unique and valued in God’s eyes, therefore we use a holistic approach to care for their development emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • We seek to protect children from abuse, by requiring our staff and volunteers to work under the Grain of Wheat Child Protection Policy.


We are committed to children:

We work with children from all backgrounds, races, and religions, giving special attention to the underprivileged. Our priority is to reach children and we also provide Christian input for those who are now adolescents, by linking them with age-appropriate organizations and church groups.

The most important place for a child’s care and spiritual development should be within the family. For this reason, we endeavor to reach both children and their families through our ministry.


We are international: 

GWI is active in many countries through teams of national volunteers and staff. Each country works in collaboration with the  international office in Lausanne and with the network of GWI in the different countries.)


We are national:

In our quest to reach children, we develop local-level partnerships with churches and other Christian ministries. It is also our desire for our ministry projects to carry on for the long-term. Therefore, the members of our national boards, the team, and co-workers are native within each country. Additionally, we customize our training and disciplining of children and the local staff to meet their individual and unique cultural needs.