What we do to help

We assist the ministries in various countries, financially as well as train their staff to help them reach more children. Through them, we help children and their families by organizing camps and clubs, training leaders, and providing humanitarian aid.


Whether it’s dancing, singing, painting, or playing a musical instrument, each country has its own way of using creative arts to reach 30.000 children. Their stories are fascinating.

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Last year, we reached over 45.000 children through more than 400 camps.

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By partnering with other churches and Christian organizations, our clubs give children the opportunity to take part in sports, play fun games, listen to stories as well as enjoy arts and crafts. It’s remarkable to hear their stories and see their growth over 46.000 children through more than 900 clubs.

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Humanitarian Aid

Last year, we provided humanitarian aid to over 15.000 poverty-stricken families. Through this, children and their communities were given hope and encouragement as they personally experienced our commitment to reach out with help in their time of need.

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Sports uniquely provide opportunities for kids to learn unity through teamwork and have a high impact that reaches into their community. Last year alone, we reached 15.000 through 150 Sports and Arts programs!

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In 2023, we worked with 11'000 volunteers, 7'000 were trained by GW and 3'000 were trained in partnership with other organisations. Equipping these young leaders is key to reaching the world’s children.

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