‘We have served Armenian children for over 20 years with the help of over 140 volunteers. ’

The communist reign in the 20th century left a great spiritual hunger, which grew after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1998, the Union of Christian Baptists in Armenia, were invited to participate in a Grain of Wheat seminar in Moscow. The first children’s evangelistic camp in Armenia was held the following year. Now, children that came to our first camps 20 years ago are serving the Lord through Grain of Wheat.

The vision of our ministry in Armenia is based on the Word of God, namely Matthew 28:18-20: 1. Evangelize children, 2. Make them disciples 3. Train them to serve God and reach the next generation with God’s life-transforming Word.

Grain of Wheat has funded various programs in Armenia, such as: counselling for children, evangelism, family support, events, Sunday school, clubs, evangelistic camps, day camps, excursions, and leadership training.

How was the 2021 Camp Season?

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