‘Over 50% of the population identifies as Christian. ’

Our partnership with Grain of Wheat International began in 1989. For the first 10 years, Hungarian children went to summer camps abroad (mainly to Switzerland and later to other Western European countries). During this period, we travelled to these various countries and visited orphanages, held children’s clubs and Bible studies for needy children.

In 2011, we began to organize children’s camps in partnership with local churches. Presently, our focus is on sports and children’s clubs.

Our vision is to reach children ages 6-16, with the gospel and show them the love of Jesus. Along with this, it is a high priority in our ministry to reach out to their families as well.

We mainly work with local churches and their communities, by training and preparing them how to effectively lead a camp ministry. Through this, we have been able to organize summer camps, children’s clubs, family programs, conferences, and humanitarian aid for both families and disabled children.
Our volunteers come from local churches, as it is our vision is for children to have adults they already know, who will follow-up with them at after camp clubs.


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