‘Colombia’s population is 50 million with 27% living in poverty. ’

La Semilla de Trigo Colombia began 25 years ago with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable population in Bogotá and its surrounding areas. Our first project was organized by volunteers in the town of Soacha, Alto de Cazuca, and ministered to approximately 40 disadvantaged children morally, socially, physically, and spiritually. La Semilla de Trigo Colombia was legally established in 1998.

Grain of Wheat Colombia promotes the integral development of children, especially the most vulnerable, promoting the Rights of the Child and programs based on Christian values with the objective of taking advantage of free time with tools such as games, arts, sports, and education being this the excuse to present Christ to this generation and make them his disciples.

Clubs, camps, evangelism fairs, homework assistance, and even athletic training are organized in cooperation with local churches.


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