Dear friends,
To reflect on memories of countless children who have embraced
Jesus and become His faithful followers over the past 75 years, is
indeed something to celebrate with great joy. Now as we move forward to our present day, it’s remarkable to see how God continues
to open doors in the most unexpected ways, that have enabled us to
come alongside desperate children with the Good News of Jesus.
In this newsletter, you will read the real-life testimonies of children
who live in places we would never dare to go, like Syria, Ukraine,
Myanmar, and Lebanon. You will also learn how even in the darkest of
times, God’s light shines the brightest, giving hope where there is no
hope, to children, their families and even their communities.
Did you know that by your partnership with us on this journey, you
personally represent God’s faithfulness to these children? That those
on the front lines are strengthened by your commitment to pray and
support them with your generous gifts? Needless to say, every time
we think of you, we thank the Lord with a deeply grateful heart.
God Bless You Richly,
Rob Hondsmerk