Dear friends, 

This is our last newsletter in which we highlight some of the challenges we face in the work of the ministry. You may call it problems, negative things or whatever, they always require a reaction from us. And in our work we often have to deal with children that are part of the challenge. More than ever, we realized this year that our ministry not only has a natural part but also a spiritual part. We have to realize that de devil is like a roaring lion, looking whom he can take and destroy. (1 Peter 5:8). Not seldom he starts his destroying work in children. Because when he can harm children, he harms the family, community and even a country. Our best weapon against his strategy is prayer. However, we have a tendency to act first, instead of pray. So for that reason we started a prayer network to support, protect and vitalize the ministry we do. It is simply impossible to do what we do without prayer and the understanding that prayer is the beginning of the answer to every challenge we face. 

So please, pray with us, now and in the next year! 


Thank you for all your support, may God bless you! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed AD 2023. 


On behalf of all of us, 


Rob Hondsmerk