One of the global consequences of Covid-19 has been the slow-down of tourism, along with the inability to socialize in public places and enjoy recreational activities. Not only this, but jobs have been furloughed, wages have been reduced, manufacturing has almost come to a halt and restaurants have closed. The new normal has brought major changes and adjustments, both at the health and commercial levels.

In this context, not only have churches and community groups been significantly affected, but also recreational areas such as camps and parks.

Before the pandemic struck, children and their families were able to take walks, go on vacations, camp and interact freely with others. However, as restrictions ease, families find themselves in conflict between their desire to get out and enjoy a new normal or the fear of getting Covid 19. They are imprisoned and held in shackles of fear! Today, more than ever before, we need to minister to these “captives” and set them free in the name of the Lord!

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me  because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord…”(Isaiah 61: 1-2a MEV)

As ministers of the Lord, this prophetic word that revealed Jesus’ reason for being on earth, applies to us as well.

With this Biblical context and our current reality in mind, let us reflect on the following points:

  • We need more creativity and innovation, as there has been a paradigm shift toward using self-restraint and supporting diversity to avoid criticism.
  • We need to continually search for new ways to adapt, so the essence of God’s message will be heard in the most effective way.
  • We need a firm determination to respond with goodwill in our efforts to advance the cause of Christ.
  • Develop a global vision where our personal differences are brought in line with God’s Kingdom movement.


With all of this in mind, we know God’s reason for our ministry on earth is to hold camps for churches, schools, and family groups on our 173-acre campus. But this year, due to government restrictions, it isn’t possible.

As I prayed and meditated on ways to be creative and adapt to this challenge, the Lord gave me a vision for holding camp from a different perspective. Why not challenge, teach, and guide families to hold camp in the safe environment of their home? Why not transform lockdown into freedom for families to learn more about Jesus together? This is how the “Camp at Home” project came to be. We launched this project at Easter and to our surprise, more than 2,400 downloads took place on 5 continents within just a few days!

You can discover more about our Camp at Home project, through the following links. The best part is you can share this free information with everyone you know!

Spanish Version:

  • #QuedateEnCampa especial SPANISH VACACIONES ? with “Camp at Home” ideas for families while in quarantine. ?? Access



  • ?? This is a series of videos on special topics for parents who now find themselves in the role of a teacher for their kids:

English Version:

  • #StayInCamp is the ENGLISH version ? with “Camp at Home” idea’s for families while in quarantine and afterward too!

?? Go to

Be encouraged and determined as you seek the Lord’s guidance on innovative new ways to transform this season of lockdown into freedom for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom!


Marcos Oszurko

Director of Grain of Wheat Argentina