Even the Covid-19 lock down in Argentina, did not hinder Grain of Wheat from evangelizing, holding camps, and training leaders. Instead of being discouraged, we saw this as a great opportunity to develop new ways to reach children that will carry on into the future.



As early as March 2020, we were praying about how to hold camp at a time when children couldn’t be together in person. As we were brainstorming about this, a new thought came to mind, if we found a way to hold camp for children in their home, we could also reach their families.

Our starting point was to equip parents with “How” to hold an on-line camp for their family over their Easter vacation. Along with a ministry partner, we developed training videos for the parents. These videos gave them tools for teaching Bible stories, organizing games, and ideas for craft projects. Along with this, we encouraged parents to customize camp in a way that met their own family’s unique needs, but flexible enough to reach others living with them.

Soon God opened doors for us to share our on-line camp resources with children’s ministries in various Latin American countries as well as our Grain of Wheat partners in Albania and Russia.

As summer approaches, Argentina is slowly allowing us to come out of our bubble and interact with each other. After a year of isolation, the faces of church friends and families shine with joy as they visit and even vacation together. The best part is, we can now hold indoor camps that keep children in a safe bubble.

Along with Argentina’s residential camps, we will continue to offer virtual in-home camp for those who would like to join us from anywhere in the world! To find our on-line camp material in English go to: https://bit.ly/StayInCamp2



Another new ministry opportunity God has given us is to partner with Luis Palau´s Association in Argentina. Before Covid-19, evangelistic festivals were always held in large venues. Now, after seeing how effective and far-reaching on-line events have become, we are bringing festivals into people’s homes on TV as well as on-line. The format is the same, including music, a gospel message by Luis or Andres Pulau along with testimonies from well-known Christian celebrities. Already, this new approach for holding festivals has reached over 18 million Spanish speaking people with the message of hope through a new life in Jesus.

(Videos in Spanish)

We owe all of this to our Great God who has worked mightily through our partnerships and volunteers during this trying time! To Him Alone be the Glory!