Javier Martín

Director of Grain of Wheat Spain

It was in 1996 when La Semilla de Trigo España became reality through a brand-new association. Pastor Pedro Sanjaime and former pastor Josep Perera were committed by André Richir, from the Swiss headquarters, to start the ministry based in Spain.

Nevertheless, Spanish kids started to attend Swiss Grain de Blé Camps early in 1952, and they, sometimes along with their families, visited Swiss Camps until the 80’s.

Grain of Wheat Spain History (In Spanish)

In these 25 years, many things happened.

From one summer camp every year and one children club in Sant Boi, we passed to many more Camps, Urban Camps, Open air fairs, Children Clubs, training courses all around the countries, with thousands of kids, hundreds of volunteers and many staff members and churches. In addition, we received an unexpected present from God in 2011, a new site for the office along with a centre for the community to work with children and their families, most of them in need, and in collaboration with local authorities and networks.

We praise God for his faithfulness and pray for wisdom to refocus the ministry in these new and different times to come.

So, we’re preparing some events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Association in Spain and the 10th anniversary of the opening of our site:

  • May 8th special cooking workshop for kids in the city to celebrate our 25th anniversary by making a birthday cake.
  • September 25th Institutional reception for local authorities, representatives and collaborators.
  • October 2nd Intergenerational open-air fair where senior people will show to kids the games they used to play when they were children and the stories that they would like to share with them. In collaboration with Senior people centres in the area.
  • October 23rd Presentation of Children book: “La Revolució Shiwa”

Thanks for your support in prayer for those events to happen in a good way, in God’s will.