‘Myanmar is in the midst of the world’s longest ongoing civil war. ’

The seed for Grain of Wheat Myanmar was sown by the pioneering work of a local church. After attending a GWI children’s ministry training seminar, this local church prioritized its outreach ministry to children and teens in Yangon. Over the following years, the church pastor and GWI director traveled throughout Myanmar to train local churches.

This ministry grew rapidly and in 2009, Myanmar officially joined the GWI foundation. Offices were then established in Yangon (2009) and Kalay (2014).
The ministry continues to grow and now runs programs such as Kid’s Club, Day Camps, leadership training seminars for volunteers, children’s conferences, parenting seminars, and conferences for church leaders.


Our goal as GWI Myanmar, is to raise up a new God-fearing generation by reaching and discipling 20 million children and teens. By the power of God, we pray that the nation of Myanmar will be transformed.

Due to the ongoing civil war, children’s lives are especially hard. In addition to camps, clubs, and conferences, we provide clean drinking water, nutrition, and primary health care to many children and their families.

We are committed to developing indigenous leadership by recruiting community leaders and empowering them to strategize and lead a children’s ministry with their regional resources. The understanding of their own local communities creates unlimited opportunities for them to reach children in need.